1. A mundane day in an action shooter hero's life.
  2. A small game that lets you escape its boundaries into a larger world.
  3. A sci-fi adventure in which you had all the abilities from the start.
  4. An auto-scroller that uses the phone's gyro to keep your character safe.
  5. Blockade - A tile game in which two players take turns changing the playfield.
  6. A 2D puzzle-platformer in which the world rotates beneath your character's feet.
  7. A management sim that tries to corrupt the player.
  8. A bombastic 2D shooter with Liero controls.
  9. A game about editing film.
  10. A horror game about an injured engineer who has to hotwire machinery to get around.
  11. City on a Train - A post apocalyptic management sim with train-on-train siege combat.
  12. A game in which you become a Russian nesting doll of monsters.
  13. A bullet hell game except the only way to defeat enemies is to touch them.
  14. A fighting game in which the only way to win a round is to get a huge combo.
  15. A racing game with magnetic wheels and no gravity.
  16. A sci-fi fantasy game about surfing in the sky.
  17. A visual novel in which you're a bartender trying to get your customers to open up.
  18. A metroidvania in which the whole map is a sliding block puzzle.
  19. A horror game in which the monster is just standing there. Menacingly.
  20. A psychedelic 2D platformer in which the world starts becoming more realistic as you come down.
  21. A mecha vs. kaiju game except you only see the cockpit.
  22. When the destined hero dies and leaves his quest to a commoner, the game turns into a brutal survival adventure.
  23. A space game about towing asteroids using your ship's gravity.
  24. A turn based strategy game in which units have to gang up on enemies.
  25. A fighting game in which special attacks can only be performed through normal attack strings.
  26. A goofy simulated physics game in which you draw ropes to solve puzzles.
  27. An action platformer except instead of jumping, you can only pole vault.
  28. Gauntlet obstacle courses where the goal isn't on getting first, but rather getting FURTHEST.
  29. A chess game with lag.
  30. A pet rearing game about raising a palm-top baby dragon
  31. A post-apocalyptic action game with a secret pacifist win condition.
  32. Whale Hunter: A F2P/pay-to-win game where the bigger you spend, the bigger a target you become for free players.
  33. A challenging platformer without checkpoints. Instead, enemies and hazards knock you back down.
  34. A farming game except it's a mad rush. Crops grow within seconds and each day is just one minute long.
  35. A co-op roguelike spaceship sim about colonizing and exploring a shared, procedurally generated galaxy.
  36. The Accountant - A document-discrepancy game about chasing paper trails to help businesses and catch embezzlers.
  37. A battle/party game in which you can only eliminate other players by squishing them.
  38. A classic RE-style game wherein you replay concurrent events from the perspectives of different characters to progress.
  39. Everyone's Dying! - A horde multiplayer game that is more focused on reviving each other than combat.
  40. A movement-based puzzle game about simultaneously controlling multiple mascots, all mapped to the same buttons.
  41. A side-scrolling bullet hell in which you hijack enemy gunships.
  42. An oddball game about being a socially awkward hitchhiker who keeps getting kicked out as soon as the conversation goes south.
  43. A horror game that slowly morphs into an empowering game through repeated play.
  44. A block falling game that plays like a shoot'em up.
  45. A stealth/infiltration game about a protagonist who talks his way into enemy territory.
  46. The inverse of a 2D platformer wherein instead of traveling on the surface, you travel within the ground.
  47. Insomniac Olympics - A couch multiplayer game about racing through obstacle courses with people who could barely stand up.
  48. A multiplayer shooter with dynamic terrain manipulation and randomized maps.
  49. A psychological horror/thriller that starts off as a slice of life farming game. You soon suspect the townsfolk won't let you leave.