#My plugins


#Configuration intro

  • coming from vim, especially if you’ve used a lot of plug-ins, initial Kakoune setup can be challenging
  • Because ok Kakoune’s minimalistic nature, a lot of vim-like niceties can be hard to configure
  • For browsing buffers and files, pick you menu-like tool of choice (fzf, dmenu, wofi etc) and define commands in Kakoune that interact with the menu
  • Searching file contents can also be delegated to an external UI, however Kakoune provides a somewhat integrated solution: a customizable grep command that executes you shell program of choice (eg ripgrep) and populates a new buffer with the results. It’s easy to navigate with previous/next commands
  • LSP was easy to configure; compared to Neovim’s new integrated LSP, kak-Lsp works almost out of the box with minimal requires configuration. It’s fast and has support for a wide range languages.

#Config examples

#Interesting plugins