Running Void Linux on a laptop

Sway running on Void Linux


  • ThinkBook 13s G2-ITL


  • blacklist ideapad_laptop module in modprobe.d (old module that isn't useful anymore);
    • update 2021-04-11: as of Linux 5.11, removed the blacklist -- module is not loaded automatically anymore

#Power management

  • enable acpid, if not enabled;
  • install tlp, enable its service;
  • configure elogind to ignore ACPI events: set all Handle* keywords to ignore in logind.conf;
  • use powertop to diagnose powerusage;


  • note: iwlwifi spams some errors in dmesg, seem to work fine though (iwlwifi: Unhandled alg: 0x71b);
  • disable wpa_supplicate service, if enabled;
  • install connman, enable service, configure via connmanctl; upd: connman seems unstable and noisy;
  • ended up using dhcpcd + iwd;
    • had to add UseDefaultInterface=true in [General] section of /etc/iwd/main.conf, according to Void's handbook.


  • mesa works out of the box;
  • for vulkan, install mesa-vulkan-intel;


  • note: initially had issues with sound device not working: had to add options snd_hda_intel dmic_detect=0 in modprobe.d;
    • update 2021-04-11: as of Linux 5.11, removed any extra options -- both audio and mic work fine
  • install pipewire, enable pipewire-pulse in pipewire config;
  • start pipewire as a user on desktop login;
    • note: maybe create a user runit service for it;


  • currently running a pure Wayland (xwayland disabled) desktop with Sway -- no issues so far;
  • elogind and dbus are required for Sway;
  • start sway with dbus-run-session sway;
    • libseat might show an error about seatd not present, can be removed by exporting LIBSEAT_BACKEND=logind before starting Sway