Platform for sharing visual stories.

Stampsy is a social platform for sharing and discovering visual stories.

I worked with the team during 2012–2014 and it was the first start-up company I joined full-time after doing mostly freelance work.

Dan and Varya
Roman and Sergey

#Stampsy Web

My work ranged from full-cycle product and user interface design to front-end engineering and CSS styling.

Together with the team, I've planned the initial scope of the product and its features, designed the web application and prototyped a lot of the Stampsy Editor interactions in Framer.js (when it was just a small open-source library).

Later on I moved to building a responsive CSS architecture for the app and helped the front-end team by transforming the design system into reusable and styled React components.

External links

Promo video featuring parts of my user interface work
Marketing website I designed in 2014
Feed view
Story page
User-curated collection page
Visual editor for creating stories

#Stampsy iPad app

In 2012, before becoming a web platform, Stampsy was an experimental iPad app for creating stories with a simple design editor. I designed and prototyped a lot of its touch-based interactions with different tools and codez.

External links

Creating and sharing a story in Stampsy iPad app