Using bit flags in Godot

here's a little tip i wanted to share.

I'm currently working on implementation of various trait effects for the player character and after going through a few possible methods to do this, here's what I came up with.

since I'm heavily using Godot's Resource classes for generating and storing all types of data for in-game use, I have a StatsRes class (i always add Res suffix to classnames if they extend the base Resource class) that serves as a container for base character stats like max health, move speed and so on.

in a similar fashion, i'm also storing traits as resources of a TraitRes class so that I can create new traits through Godot's visual inspector by simply creating and a new resource file of type TraitRes. In order to do that, the TraitRes class needs to export variables that need to be editable through the inspector by using a certain notation like:

# this will show a "Max Health" input field in the inspector
# that accepts integer values
export (int) var max_health := 100

[TO BE CONTINUED...] (actually, I never got back to it)