Updated 18 Nov 2020

My name is Gadzhi Kharkharov. I was born in Dagestan, but currently living in Moscow.

Designing software is what I do for work and joy.


I currently work at Webflow – a tool that makes producing for web more approachable. Mostly trying to figure out how to create the right visual tools for designers. Learn more about my work at Webflow.


Worked as a designer (and partly as a front-end engineer) at Stampsy – a web platform for sharing and discovering visual stories. I designed the product and built a modular CSS architecture behind it. Learn more about Stampsy.

Game design

Recently I became interested in video game design and development. It’s a fun area that is hard to master and I try to spend my free time tinkering with various personal projects. I have a dlog where I sometime post (very rough) updates on this journey.

I also enjoy reading about game design theory and practice. Here’s a collection of my favorite game design books and resources.