My face and some bullet points.

Currently product designer at Webflow — a tool that makes producing for web more approachable. Mostly trying to figure out how to create the right visual tools for designers.

Projects at Webflow, 2015–2019

Grid, 2018

A flexible layout mechanism with direct manipulation controls, built on top of CSS Grid.

Interactions, 2017

A system allowing designers to visually create complex web interactions and animations without any coding skills.

Flexbox, 2015

Visual interface to CSS Flexbox mechanism allowing designers to create expressive, responsive layouts on the web.


Stampsy, 2014

Worked as a designer (and partly as a front-end engineer) at Stampsy — a web platform for sharing and discovering visual stories. I designed the product and built a modular CSS architecture behind it.

Stampsy iPad app, 2012–2013

In 2012, before becoming a web platform, Stampsy was an experimental iPad app for creating stories with a simple design editor. I designed and prototyped a lot of its touch-based interactions with different tools and codez.


At some point I designed a UI theme for Sublime Text — a popular code editor. It's been installed by ~400k users and has ~7k stars on GitHub.

During 2010–2012 I've freelanced and worked with various international startups, but most of the time I was just posting useless stuff on Dribbble.

In my early twenties I've played a lot of World of Warcraft — a multiplayer online game. It's quite intense and requires a lot of concentration. I had a lot of fun designing and building custom interfaces for it, which improved my performance and overall game experience. I think that's what got me into design.

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