Move window between spaces on macOS

I always use multiple spaces on macOS and the typical way to move windows between spaces always felt annoying:

  • open Mission Control;
  • grab the needed window on the current space and drag it to another space;
  • open the new space.

Given that I mostly use keyboard shortcuts for quick switching between spaces (which can be configured in System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Shortcuts -> Mission Control ), this whole multi-step operation involving several animations is way too slow.

There's a better way:

  • without opening Mission Control, grab and hold the window on the current space;
  • use the keyboard shortcut (described above) to switch to a different space -- the window will follow.

There are tools that let you do this without involving a mouse: like yabai or amethyst, but I stopped using them since macOS is hard to operate without a mouse in the first place, even when running the aforementioned tools.