My name is Gadzhi. I was born in Dagestan and currently reside in İstanbul. Designing software is both my profession and passion.


Retool --- Design Engineer, 2021–present
Retool is a platform for building internal tools. I'm currently working on the development of Workflows.

Webflow --- Product Designer, 2015–2021
Webflow is a platform that simplifies web production. My primary focus was on creating intuitive and powerful visual tools for designers. View my work at Webflow.

Stampsy --- Designer/Engineer, 2012–2014
Stampsy was a small social platform for creating visual stories. I designed the product and developed a modular CSS architecture for it. View my work at Stampsy.

#Game design

I have a keen interest in video game design and development. It's a challenging and enjoyable field, and I dedicate my free time to working on various personal projects. I maintain a dlog where I occasionally post updates on my progress.

I also enjoy reading about game design theory and practice. Here is a collection of my favorite books and resources.


When it comes to programming, I consider myself a jack of all trades. I have been tinkering with code for as long as I can remember, and it continues to bring me joy and make time fly.

Whether it's creating design prototypes with JavaScript at work, developing games with Godot or Unity, writing shell scripts for my Linux desktop, or creating small CLI programs with Go, I love it all and always strive to learn more. I occasionally share useful things on my GitHub.


In the past, I was an avid photographer, capturing moments with my favorite camera, a Leica M6 paired with Summicron 35mm and 50mm lenses. My old photographs can be found on my Flickr page.

Nowadays, I don't take as many photos but still enjoy the occasional photo walk with a Fujifilm X100V. I'm currently experimenting with a simple photo gallery here: https://photos.kkga.me.

#This website

...is fairly simple. Written mostly in markdown and built with Ter --- a small wiki-style site generator that I made.


x-at-kkga.me / twitter / github