Software and hardware I use.

One of my favorite websites is I like reading about the tools people use to get through their day to day.

This page outlines a few details around my own setup.

I didn’t bother carefully arranging my desk so here’s a snapshot of my messy workspace in the middle of some work.


Hardware  #

  • Lenovo X1 Carbon Gen 9
  • Custom PC with Ryzen 3600 cpu
  • MacBook Air M1
  • iPad Pro 11
  • Logitech MX Ergo trackball mouse
  • Apple Magic Trackpad
  • Corne-ish Zen keyboard
  • Ferris Sweep keyboard

Note on keyboards  #

I’m experimenting with keyboards and layouts a lot lately.

I’ve had a bunch of various keyboards over the last couple years, but I prefer the low-profile Choc switches by Kailh (the Purpz version).

My layout has been slimming down in size since I started experimenting. At the moment I’m using a 34 keys layout (and it actually works well).

Current configuration lives here.

Software  #

I use macOS for work, while Linux is my preferred OS for personal computering needs. Even though I’ve been a macOS user for 15+ years, I like Linux more these days.

Linux setup is barebones: I don’t use a full-fledged desktop environment. A tiling window manager, a fast terminal and a browser — that’s all I need.

I do all text editing and coding in Kakoune, which is a terminal-based text editor and my favorite piece of software.

Some terminal windows running in Sway on my laptop

Here’s a list of essential pieces:

Terminal  #

Program Description
Fish shell
Kakoune text editor
kks a small Kakoune companion I wrote

Linux  #

Looks like Firefox is the only “GUI program” that I use here. I spend most of my time in the terminal.

Program Description
Arch Linux OS (on laptop)
Void Linux OS (on desktop)
Sway tiling window manager
Firefox good web browser
Foot great terminal
Syncthing private, reliable and open-source file sync

macOS  #

macOS setup is, naturally, more GUI-centric.

Program Description
Firefox good web browser
Kitty good terminal
Figma/FigJam UI design tool
yabai tiling window manager (i mostly use stacks)
Itsycal tiny menubar calendar with Vim keybindings and Zoom join buttons
Maccy lightweight clipboard manager
Syncthing macOS has a simple menu bar app
Bumpr a nice utility to control where links open
Shottr small and fast screenshot tool
Spaceman shows macOS space indicators in the menu bar (good yabai companion)
AltTab Windows-style window switcher
MonitorControl makes controlling external displays more reliable
Claquette good screen recorder

Current desktop configuration lives in a GitHub repo.